C.C.Inc. Event Consent & Release Form

LionC.C.Inc. Event Consent & Release Form

  1. I am attending these events of my own free will and for my own personal interest and enjoyment, and I understand I am free to leave at any time. I am aware that these events are not shows or adult entertainment.
  2. I am an adult at least 21 years of age, and I understand valid photo ID showing birth date may be required in order to gain admittance.
  3. I understand that participants are acting as consenting adults in a private situation, conforming to the event Rules and Guidelines which are posted at each event.
  4. I understand that there may be, between consenting adults, erotic power exchange activity and/or acts of sadomasochism/bondage on the premises.
  5. I understand that there may be persons exhibiting full nudity on the premises.
  6. I understand that offering or agreeing to an act of prostitution is strictly forbidden, and I shall not be a party to any such activity while in attendance.
  7. I am not acting in the capacity of, as a member of, or under the direction of, any law enforcement or postal agency. I am not attending any of these events for the purpose of entrapment or to gather information and/or testimony that would lead to (or further the arrest or prosecution of) the organizers of these events, the owners of the premises, or any individual attending these events.
  8. I am not acting in the capacity of, as a member of, or under the direction of, any media agency. I will not publish or submit for any kind of publication information, writings, photographs, audio recordings, video recordings, or any other records of activities regarding these events, without the expressed approval of its organizers.
  9. I understand that some of the activities at these events may be dangerous, and I undertake these risks of my own free will whenever participating. I agree to hold harmless and blameless the organizers of these events and the owners of the premises for any claims arising out of these events. I understand that I attend these events at my own risk, and that the organizers of these events and the owners of the premises are in no way responsible or liable for any damage or injury to my property or person. I understand there will be equipment and supplies available for my use, and I use any such equipment and supplies entirely at my own risk. I agree that in the event of any lawsuit, the prevailing party shall be entitled to attorney’s fees.
  10. I will commit no acts with any other attendee at any event without negotiating their prior consent to it.
  11. I understand that each event may have its own Rules and Guidelines. I agree to read these Rules and Guidelines fully, and abide by them, at all times during each event. I understand I may be required to leave an event for violations of its Rules and Guidelines. The Rules & Guidelines are posted at the front desk at Lair de Sade, and in every room of the premises.

Events at Lair de Sade

Click each event for complete details.

Unfettered – Pansexual, Every Saturday Night

Conquest – Male Dom / female sub only, 1st Friday Night of Every Month

Venus – Female Domme / any sub, 3rd Friday Night of Every Month

Insight – Education event: Saturday Afternoons following the Conquest and Venus Fridays


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