Dear Lair De Sade members and guests,

We hope everyone is staying safe & healthy as you read this message. With the Coronavirus outbreak, we at LDS just want to send out a quick letter to everyone- to encourage each other to stand strong during this difficult time for many of us.

It seemed like worlds away just even a few weeks ago, when we were carrying on “business as usual”, executing our 2020 plans for the market and for our community. But nothing could have prepared anyone for what has now become one of the biggest viruses spread ever. We certainly do not know when this will end, nor do we even know when possibly the “peak” will be. We do know that all of us can and need to play our parts individually and collectively to “slow the curve” and to minimize the spread.

Wherever you are, let’s practice these tips below, which we are sure most of you know by now:

  1. Wash your hands frequently, at least 20 seconds each time
  2. Cover your mouth tightly when you cough or sneeze
  3. Practice social distancing, try to be at least 6 feet away from other people when in public
  4. Practice “shelter-in-place” if your local government has such order, or just try to stay at home if possible
Above all else, practice kindness towards each other. If possible, care for the elderly in your community in a safe way. Respect our medical professionals who are at the frontline caring for the sick under difficult circumstances.Let’s fight against the virus together. And someday soon we can all party again together.

-Tony Bones

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