CONQUEST (Male Dom/fem sub) D/s Party

May 4, 2018 @ 9:00 pm – May 5, 2018 @ 2:00 am
Lair De Sade
6628 Lankershim Blvd
North Hollywood, CA 91606
Cost: Admission cover is $30 per member/invited guest! (no cover charge for Platinum upgraded members & their guests who pay $50 each monthly via credit/debit card)
Dress code: PLEASE Dress your sexy/classy best! (naked works too ::wink::)

We hope you will join us for….

An Elegant & Extreme D/s party gathering where Male Dominants/Masters/Owners/Tops
& Female bottoms/submissives/slaves/property
can comfortably congregate and recreate…
exchange information/ideas with others who share their
specific D/s interests and/or lifestyle… and engage in consensual, Male Dominant/female submissive demonstrations.

~~ FRIDAY, May 5th, 2017 ~~
(and the 1st Friday of every month)
Hosted by Kane

The Conquest D/s Party is a Male Dominant/female bottom “scene-restricted” event for C.C.Inc.members& their guests only… this means that while all orientations can attend, scenes are restricted to those with Male Dominants only.

To gain entry to CONQUEST events, Dominant Male attendees are required to be dressed in a suit and tie, tuxedo, or blazer and dress slacks. The dress code need not be strictly adhered to while playing or socializing during a party.

For C.C.Inc. Members & Their Guests Only!

Have your C.C.Inc. membership card ready to show at the door. If you are not a C.C.Inc member, you must be the guest of one (or RSVP to in advance), sign a release form and present valid picture ID at the front desk.

Adults 21+ Only
No ID = No Entry. No Exceptions.

All Guests Must RSVP or Arrive With Their Sponsoring Member

The Gate Opens At 9:00 p.m. and The Lair closes at ??? (whenever everyone wears out & leaves )

Exquisite Furniture! Over 40 Fabulous BDSM Stations to Explore…

Arrive early and feast on a fantastic spread… always including Careena’s homemade choc.chip/walnut cookies!

Coffee, Coke/DietCoke & bottled water are provided, and members are welcome to bring their refreshment of choice… There are wine/bottle openers, glasses,and an outdoor refrigerator for everyone’s use… The club does NOT provide alcohol. For those who plan to be drinking at Conquest, please do so responsibly…

There are also MP3 players in most play areas…
Feel free to bring, and play to, your favorite music.


ie. Come get as nasty, creative and decadent as you dare… the only limit is that Mutual CONSENT & RESPECT are Mandatory!
All Illegal Drugs/Sex Solicitations Prohibited On Premises (nor may anyone solicit/engage in “pay for play” at the Lair)
NOTE: Disbursement of negative energy disrespects a party or social… Keep it off the premises, please.
*The Lair is a large place with numerous areas to enjoy. If you see something(or someone) that “turns you off”… just move elsewhere. If anyone disturbs you/your scene in a manner that violates any of the rules that are posted in every room, please do not hesitate to notify staff at the front desk.
*No one is immune to what few rules we have for the enjoyment of all…all attendees deserve an atmosphere in accordance with the expectations the rules create.
Come indulge your passions in the magical,
unique energy of this most intimate,
all-Male-Dominant-Scene-controlled, BD/SM atmosphere!

We hope to see you there!

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