Knights of the Lair

 The Knights of the Lair is a brotherhood of Dominant Men who have come together to form an organization dedicated to support, education and camaraderie.

The Knights of the Lair are men who seek to pursue personal growth, develop qualities of character and leadership, pursue mastery in the arts of BDSM and D/s, provide opportunities for people who identify as dominant men and their submissive female partners to have a place to develop their chosen relationship dynamic.

The Knights of the Lair are men who are part of the greater Southern California BDSM/Leather and Kink community and look forward to representing ourselves as such and contributing to the continued growth and success of our local community.

We welcome anyone who would like to learn more about the Knights or the dominant male/female submissive relationship dynamic.

The Knights of the Lair sponsor the Conquest Society. CONQUEST Society is a D/s organization focused on the traditional Dominant Man and Submissive woman power dynamic group for Men who identify as heterosexual dominants and women who identify as submissive or slave. Currently, all Conquest Society parties are held at the Lair De Sade.

The Knights of the Lair welcome everyone to Conquest who would like to experience and share in this special and fulfilling relationship dynamic. Membership in the Knights of the Lair is private, however we welcome those interested to inquire about membership and attend Conquest parties and events at the Lair so we may all get to know one another.


The Magnificent Order of the Knights of the Lair is a private organization. Conquest Society membership is required prior to being a Knight of the Lair.

This organization is restricted to only members of Lair de Sade.


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