Spreader Cross

Basic Membership

Well, it’s been years since we “re-opened” our membership.

Back then, we stated that only the first thousand memberships would be considered LifeTime (requiring no renewal fees), and that all further memberships would require yearly dues. But Guess What? When the time just came to accept a renewal fee from the first membership set to expire, we just couldn’t bring ourselves to do it.


The official word is that no Basic Membership will ever expire!

We’re back to our roots : )

Once you have registered and paid your initiation fee, you’re a “Lifetime Member” as long as you remain in good standing inosfar as our limited rules are concerned.

Basic membership is still only $40 and it is good for life! (Each member is entitled to bring up to three guests per party)

If you happen to have one of those first few cards given out over a thousand, which show an expiration date on the back, you can come trade it in for the new black cards w/ the red-eyed Lion on them.

How do you get a membership?

You can apply for a  new membership at an Insight event…

Hope to see you soon!


C.C.Inc. members receive a 10% discount from:


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