New changes coming

Hello every one.  Tony Bones here.  I am one of the new webmasters here at TLDS and I am in the process of making some changed to this site.  As you can tell it is much faster then it was before.  The events will be current and we will do our best to return your messages from the contact form.  We are working on a newsletter that will bring you the latest Lair News.   There are also things I can not talk about at this time.  For those that have been to the Lair the construction is slowly coming down and street parking will return.


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4 Responses to New changes coming

  1. Neal says:

    Hi Tom,

    I’m new to the lifestyle and wanted to attend at the Lair. How do you buy a membership please, it’s not clear to me on the website.

    Thank you

  2. Alex says:

    Are Male bi daddy’s welcomed. We prefer to be naked if you have areas to accommodate.