6The AlleyWhere the Sensual Magic of SM knows no bounds

Scenes of All Sexual and SM Orientations Welcome.

Setting SM back into the context of diverse human experience and artistic creativity, UNFETTERED aims to exist as an elegant and extreme gathering where all types of Erotic Power Enthusiasts can comfortably congregate and recreate, exchange information/ideas with others who share interests and/or lifestyle with complete freedom of expression to engage in consensual (“tame” to “extreme”) exotic/erotic acts. The only “limits/restraints” on your unfettered exploits are between you and your partner(s)!

Exquisite furniture! Over 35 SM Scene Stations! Including the custom-made CHAIN SPIDER WEB, the two-tiered, padded platform;the ALL-STEEL rubber-sheeted BONDAGE BED, the beautiful silver metal St. Andrews Cross completely lined with recessed eyelets for exquisite rope bondage and so much more! view image gallery 

There are also blue tooth compatible audio players in most play areas. Bring your favorite music to scene with anywhere except the main ballroom!

Arrive Early and Feast on a fantastic food spread, including Careena’s homemade chili and chocolate chip with walnut cookies! While coffee, Coke, Diet Coke, and bottled water is provided, you are also welcome to B.Y.O.B.(There’s a 7-11 directly across the street!) There are wine/bottle openers, glasses, and an outdoor refrigerator for everyone’s use, but remember, the club does not provide alcohol. For those who plan to be drinking, please do so responsibly.There are also blue tooth audio players in most play areas. Bring your favorite music to scene with anywhere except the main ballroom!

Unleash fettered desires…Cum enjoy excessive indulgence in sensual pleasures, in an intimately debauched SM environment: UNFETTERED at Lair de Sade!


Before you attend a Private Event


We pride ourselves for being able to provide a safe and comfortable outlet for freedom of association and expression. That does not mean, however, that we have no rules of conduct. Before you attend any of the private events at Lair de Sade, please read and understand the following:

– If  you are attending as a guest, you will be expected to sign a consent form at the gate. (Members do so upon registration).

– Lair de Sade is NOT a dating service NOR a sex club.

– Adherence to consensuality is required at Lair de Sade.*

– Disbursement of ‘negative’ energy at events is considered disrespectful – keep it off the premises, please.

– Enjoy at your own pace – as mild or wild as you wish, just as long as you’re prepared to clean up your mess!

– There is no pressure to do anything; just enjoy!

– We provide a wide selection of quality furniture and equipment for BDSM demonstrations. Members and guests are welcome to bring their personal toys, but everyone is responsible for their own property.

* If you know your scene may appear non-consensual to some, the participants must each notify Kane, (He is at nearly every event, make sure you know who He is) or Dragon.

Party Rules:

For C.C. Inc. Members/Benefactors and Their Guests Only! All Guests Must RSVP or Arrive With Their Sponsoring Member. Please have your C.C.Inc. Membership card ready to show at the door. If you are not a C.C.Inc., you must RSVP as the guest of one, sign a release form and present valid picture ID at the front desk. Adults 21+ only. The general public is not permitted into parties, and C.C.Inc. Memberships are not sold at the door of parties at the Lair de Sade. This is what keeps us truly private and protects our everlasting fun!

The Gate Opens At 9:00 p.m. and the Gate Locks At 12:00 a.m. The Lair closes at ??? (whenever everyone wears out and leaves)

Admission cover is $30.00 per member and $30.00 per invited guest. (There is no cover charge for Platinum Members!)

No ID=No Entry. No Exceptions.

No cameras Allowed! While the only limits to your decadent imagination may be mutual consent & respect, only your memory can record the images created.

Proper Dress Code Every Night: Enhance the atmosphere and dress your sexy/fetish best! (And get as naked and nasty as you dare once inside!)

No shorts, sneakers, sandals, t-shirts, or hats.

Gentlemen: Dress like one. Dress to appeal…

Ladies: Dress to seduce & be seduced…

The club reserves the right to refuse service and/or admittance based on appearance and/or attitude. Disbursement of negative energy disrespects a party or social. Keep it off the premises, please.

All illegal substances and/or solicitation for sex is strictly prohibited.



Events at Lair de Sade

Click each event for complete details.

Unfettered – Pansexual, Every Saturday Night

Conquest – Male Dom / female sub only, 1st Friday Night of Every Month

Venus – Female Domme / any sub, 3rd Friday Night of Every Month

Insight – Education event: 2nd and 4th Friday Night of Every Month

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